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  • Human-Computer Interaction

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The research activity of the group is organised in four main threads.

Virtual Reality systems and Serious Game systems for training and e-learning. The research is about the design and rigorous assessment of such systems, with a view to better understanding their theoretical underpinnings and to increase their practical effectiveness. The domains for which the group proposed original and innovative solutions include air safety, first aid and civil protection.

Displaying of information. The research is particularly focused on the use of small mobile displays, exploring: (i) how to encode the information visually, (ii) how to select the data that are relevant to the task at hand, (iii) how to present the visualisation in the space that is available on the screen, (iv) what tools should be available for exploring and manipulating the displayed information, (v) how to take into account the user's perceptive and cognitive capabilities, (vi) how to verify the effectiveness of the displaying.

Navigation and usability of 3D virtual environments. The research is focused on: (i) studying the navigation behaviour and the manipulation of objects by the users within virtual environments and (ii) proposing interaction techniques that will improve the usability of navigation activities and of virtual 3D object manipulation activities.


ontrol of cameras in 3D graphics. The research is focused on the positioning and effective control of the point of view (virtual camera), in order to maximise the understanding of the 3D environment and to facilitate the performing of tasks. Within this context, on conceiving and experimenting efficient methods for the automatic control of cameras, thus providing a cinematographic quality of the experience and ease of use in complex virtual environments.

Some of the research activities also take place within international projects and collaborations, with bodies such as the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the French Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA).

Research subjects

  • Virtual Reality systems and Serious Game systems for training and e-learning
  • Information display
  • Navigation and usability of 3D Virtual Environments
  • Control of cameras in 3D Graphics

ERC panels

  • PE6_8 Computer graphics, computer vision, multimedia, computer games
  • PE6_9 Human computer interaction and interface, visualisation


  • Realtà virtuale, serious games, training, safety, virtual reality