Development of Forecasting Methods for Food Shelf-Life Prediction


  • Food Chemistry and Technologies


The studies are focused on the development of shelf-life evaluation protocols. Particular attention was paid to the development of mathematical models for the assessment, under accelerated conditions, of the shelf-life of long-life foods, such as frozen foods, dehydrated foods, oils and fats. Moreover, as part of the problems related to the evaluation and prediction of shelf-life, some studies have been directed to the research of environmental variables, other than temperature, as accelerating factors for the execution of accelerated aging tests. Specifically, the possibility of using light radiation as an accelerating factor for photochemical reactions has been studied.  

Research subjects

  • shelf life primaria e shelf life secondaria
  • individuazione del fenomeno alterativo prevalente (chimico, fisico e microbiologico)
  • individuazione dell’indicatore analitico del fenomeno alterativo
  • scelta del limite di accettabilità
  • modellazione cinetica e stima della shelf life
  • test di invecchiamento accelerato
  • individuazione dei fattori acceleranti (temperatura, luce)
  • valutazione dell’effetto del fattore accelerante e stima della shelf life

ERC panels

  • LS9_6 Marine biotechnology and bioengineering


  • Shelf life primaria, shelf life secondaria; modelli predittivi
  • test di invecchiamento accelerato, accettabilità


Maria Cristina NICOLI
Monica ANESE