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    Bachelor degree course

    Sport Sciences and Physical Education
Access national admission test
Class L-22 Sport and Physical education
Credits 180
Duration 3 years
Location Gemona
Legal requirements High School Diploma or other equivalent

Sport Sciences and Physical Education

The Course will give you the biomedical, psycho-pedagogical, legal, economic, organizational and sociological knowledge you will need, to assess sporting abilities, to improve performance through training, to support the athlete both psychologically and physically, and to manage individual and team sports, both competitive and amateur. You will also learn how to manage tourist and sports structures and Companies. You will be given written and oral competence in English, as well as in Italian. After graduation, you will be able to work as athletic trainers, coaches and sports technicians in general, or as technical directors of gymnasiums and directors of sports organizations.

Graduates in Physical Education can work as athletic trainers, coaches and sports technicians in general, or in the career of technical directors of gymnasiums and directors of sports organizations. In the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region there are more than two thousand sporting societies affiliated with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), and more than ten thousand registered members. There is also a network of structures dedicated to physical culture and fitness, which in the past were rarely managed by qualified personnel. In general, therefore, the professional opportunities for graduates in Physical Education include all those technical professions in public services and services to persons. In particular, “Instructors of non-competitive sports disciplines”, who train people to practice sports disciplines non-competitively, with individual or group lessons; they teach techniques, verify that the student's physical conditions are adequate, prepare the student physically, train him/her and organize common sporting activities. As well as training, graduates in Physical Education can also manage the organization of sporting events and competitions and direct sports activities in gymnasiums and other structures. Therefore, in a society that is more and more concerned with free time and where physical activity in general and sporting activities in particular are increasingly important, one of the University's aims is to train qualified technicians able to direct, instruct and manage the population's physical and sporting activity and to manage the sports associations in the framework of a legal and fiscal situation which is increasingly complex.

Furthermore, thanks to his/her scientific and ethical training, the graduate in Physical Education will be an active participant in the fight against certain deviant sporting phenomena, in both the competitive and amateur field, such as the use of doping substances or methods, which cause damage to the health, often serious and irreversible.

The Course prepares students to be:
- Instructors, trainers, athletes and similar
- Instructors of non-competitive sporting disciplines
- Professional organizers in physical education and sport
- Organizers of events and sports structures