• di4a

    Bachelor degree course

    Animal farming and health
Access admission unrestricted
Class L-38 Zoology
Credits 180
Duration 3 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements High School Diploma or other equivalent

Animal farming and health

The Degree Course prepares the graduate to be able to work in the field of animal breeding and health, including domestic pets, to work either autonomously or in collaboration with the veterinary surgeon. He/she will also be able to work as an Official Specialized Assistant where this competence is required. The degree course prepares graduates with:
- knowledge in the basic scientific sectors necessary for specific professional and scientific training;
- knowledge of the principles of anatomy, physiology, general pathology, microbiology and infectious and parasitic diseases;
- competences in animal nutrition, feeding and breeding;
- competences in genetics and genetic improvement of animals;
- economic and technical competences in the management of agro-zootechnical Companies;
- competences in the hygiene/sanitary management of farms;
- competences in the issues of the environmental impact of animal farms;
- knowledge of reproductive aspects;
- essential laboratory knowledge to operate in specific fields;
- the ability to collaborate in planning activities, assistance in public and private bodies and organizations with regard to the above competences;
- the ability to use at least English, as well as Italian, in the specific field of competences and to exchange general information;
- suitable competences and instruments for communication and management of information;
- the ability to work in groups, to work autonomously and to quickly find a job. Specific courses will provide further competences on the breeding of aquatic organisms, poultry and rabbit species and fauna, as well as the management of animals over extensive areas. Further studies will be offered on the feeding and breeding of domestic pets, laboratory diagnostics, pharmacology and toxicology, and on national and EU health laws. Aspects relating to nursing techniques will also be studied in depth

The graduate will be able to carry out the following activities:
- technical, hygiene and economic management and assistance in agro-zootechnical Companies, in aquaculture and fauna-hunting, parks and protected areas, foodstuff Companies, also working in the laboratory;
- collaboration in and verification of the quality of animal products and processed products;
- collaboration with other sanitary and/or agronomic and zootechnical personnel in projects, plans, supervision, control, and technical, hygiene and socio-economic assistance of the production line of zootechnical, fauna-hunting and aquaculture Companies and their products, including processed products;
- collaboration as assistant to veterinary doctors;
- support activity in planning, supervision and assistance in the national health service and in public and private bodies with regard to the above competences;
- biomedical-veterinary laboratory technician;
- health and hygiene technician in the production and quality of animal feed;
- health and hygiene technician in the production and processing of foods of animal origin;
- auto-control technician, in particular in plants which process food of animal origin;
- as Official Specialized Assistant or equivalent.
The course prepares students for the following professions:
- Veterinary laboratory technician
- Zootechnician
- Clinical analysis laboratory technician
- Food products technician
- Biochemical laboratory technician
- Agronomy technician