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    Bachelor degree course

    Architectural Sciences
Access national admission test
Class L-17 Architecture
Credits 180
Duration 3 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements High School Diploma or other equivalent

Architectural Sciences

The Bachelor degree course in Architectural Sciences, with a national admission exam, is focused on the practice of architectural design in its various aspects and on different scales, incorporating both humanistic and technical disciplinary contributions.
The limited number of students , allows a very close relationship between the teacher and the learner with the guarantee of a high quality and professional training for each student.


The Course will provide you with the technical competences needed in all the many complex practices of architecture, with a critical spirit, freedom, independence and imagination. You are guided to understand the complexity of contemporary architectural culture and to knowingly accept responsibility for the design choices, developing the potential connected to the interdependence of form, function, structure and constructive system.
The course is characterized by the central experience of Architectural design referring to different fields of application: the city and the building, the built-up environment, interiors and the products of industrial design. It consists of theoretical lessons, practicals, laboratories and the final exam.
The graduate in Architectural Sciences will find work in public and private institutions operating in the fields of construction and transformation of the city and the territory, public and private Companies, professional offices, Planning Companies.

Anticipated Professional and Occupational Opportunities for Graduates (Class Decree, article 3,  para. 7)

Employment opportunities for graduates are constituted by work in institutions, public agencies and private companies in the fields of construction and the transformation of urban and rural areas and also in public and private companies, professional studios and design firms.  The graduate operates in the field of design in the areas related to architecture, fulfilling the role legally defined in the DPR 328/01.  His or her specific competences are in activities related to architectural design and urban planning in various environments and scales of application.
The degree course prepares graduates in particular to engage in the preliminary planning, final planning and execution of civil buildings.