• dmif

    Bachelor degree course

Access admission unrestricted
Class L-35 Mathematics
Credits 180
Duration 3 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements High School Diploma or other equivalent


The Course will give you a basic knowledge in the field of Mathematics. You will study Physics, Computational Mathematics, and Computer Science, and develop your ability to understand and use mathematical models to solve scientific, economic and technological problems. During the first two years you study Basic Mathematics (algebra, geometry, analysis), Physics and Computer Science. From the second year onwards, more advanced courses are also offered, together with other core subjects.
The degree is the first step for those who wish to work in the field of data processing, statistics, financial management and computer science. It prepares you to be mathematicians, statisticians, computer and ICT scientists, computer technicians, statisticians, information transfer and processing technicians and financial management technicians.

The three-year Degree in Mathematics  is the first educational level for students interested in continuing their studies in mathematics or similar technical or scientific disciplines. Graduates in Mathematics have developed a mindset that will allow them to further develop their basic preparation in multiple directions. The degree is, indeed, the first step for those who wish to take up a career in teaching, in scientific research or in any activity which can be highly innovative in various sectors of private and public employment.
Moreover, graduates in Mathematics have the competences (or can easily attain lacking knowledge) needed to work in the field of data processing, statistics, financial management and computer science.
The Course prepares  students to be:

–  mathematicians,  statisticians and correlated professions,
–  computer and ICT scientists
–  computer technicians
–  statistics technicians
–  information transfer & processing technicians
–  financial management technicians

Students are advised to visit the website https://www.mestierideimatematici.it, where it is possible to retrieve numerous interviews with graduates in Mathematics working in various fields. A selection of the interviews posted on the website can also be consulted in the book “Matematici al Lavoro” (http://www.progettolaureescientifiche.eu/matematici-al-lavoro)