Agro-Environmental and Industrial Microbiology


  • Life Sciences and Agro-Enviromental-Food Microbiology (LS3M)


The main field of interest is the study of the interactions between microorganisms, productions and derivatives of agri-food sectors, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. The study of the complexity of microbiological processes aims, in particular, at mitigating the environmental effects of the production chains of the various sectors. Traditional and innovative methods are applied to the study of microbiological processes related to air, water and soil quality. Biodegradation of cellulosic polymers, organic molecules and volatile organic compounds are examples of activities carried out in projects with various regional and national companies. As part of by-products assessment, microbial processes are being studied for the reuse of production derivatives, wastes and residues of agri-food activities. As regards to environmental sustainability of companies, research has begun on autotrophic microorganisms to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Many activities are in participation with other departmental research groups, but also with regional centres such as the Area Science Park of Trieste, CATAS SpA and SERICHIM Srl. Collaborations are active with various industrial districts of the Friuli Venezia-Giulia region as well as multinational companies.

Research subjects

  • Ottimizzazione di processi microbici in impianti di biofiltrazione per la riduzione dei composti organici volatili in emissioni gassose industriali
  • Biodegradazione di molecole organiche e iodurate
  • Valutazione della biodegradabilità aerobica dei materiali di imballaggio
  • Valutazione della respirazione della biomassa tramite tecniche di analisi con spettrometro FT-IR
  • Metodi tradizionali e avanzati (PCR) per seguire microrganismi alteranti nel settore della produzione enologica
  • Crescita e sviluppo di microrganismi autotrofi per la riduzione delle emissioni di anidride carbonica

ERC panels

  • LS6_7 Mechanisms of infection
  • LS9_9 Plant pathology and pest resistence
  • LS9_8 Applied plant sciences, plant breeding, agroecology and soil biology
  • LS9_6 Marine biotechnology and bioengineering


  • Metodi di microbiologia tradizionale e metodi rapidi di biologia molecolare (PCR)
  • Molecole organiche, Composti organici volatili, Iodio, Reflui, Residui, Compost
  • Biodegradazione, Imballaggi, Biometer Flask, FT-IR, Anidride Carbonica
  • Banche microbiche, Bioreattori, Emissioni gassose


Giuseppe COMI