Working Group

Objectives of the Working Group

The Charter & Code Working Group (C&C WG) is tasked with:

  • analyzing the implementation status of the Charter & Code within the University;
  • defining suitable interventions in order to guarantee their concrete implementation;
  • developing and implementing the Human Resources Strategy and the Action Plan of the University;
  • identifying the self-assessment criteria in order to implement the plan.

Members of the Group

The working group was appointed by the Rector’s Decree No. 1017 dated 27/10/2021, and coordinated by Prof. Silvia Bolognini, the Rector’s representative for the European Charter for Researchers by the Rector’s Decree D.R. No. 1585 del 30/11/2022. The "Charter & Code" Working Group consists of one representative for each Department, ensuring the involvement of an adequate number of young researchers while respecting gender equality. The members are as follows: 


Bolognini Silvia web.jpgFull Professor (R4 Leading Researcher) of Agricultural and Food Law.
Full Academic of the National Academy of Agriculture.
Correspondent Academic of the Academy of the Georgophiles.
Main research fields: International, European and National Food Law, International, European and National Agricultural Law, Agri-Food Market Law, Consumer Protection, International, European and National Agri-Forestry Law, Environmental Law. 

Ceschia Sara web.jpgAssociate Professor (R3 Established Researcher) in Operations Research.
Main research fields: modeling and resolution of combinatorial optimization problems in logistics, healthcare, production planning and staff rotation; modeling of combinatorial optimization problems; development of algorithms based on local research, metaheuristics, hybrid techniques.

Cirrincione Daniela web.jpgResearch fellow (R2 Recognised Researcher) at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) with affiliation to the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF) of the University of Udine.
Coordinator of the Udine office of ADI (Italian Association of PhD candidates and PhDs).
Main research fields: development of silicon detectors for X-ray spectroscopy with applications to astrophysics and synchrotron light.

DeLiddo Silvia web.jpgHead of the academic staff office. 

Iacuzzi Silvia web.jpgAssociate Professor (R3 Established Researcher) in Accounting and Management.
Main research fields: management of public administration and organizations; financial reporting and indicators; intangible resources, intellectual capital and integrated reporting; multi-level governance and stakeholder engagement; coordination and aggregation of public administrations and organizations. 

Liessi Davide web.jpegRTD (a) as indicated in (national) law No. 240/2010 (Researcher with three-year research contract, extendable up to a maximum of five years) (R2 Recognized Researcher) in Numerical Analysis. 
Main research fields: numerical methods for the stability of retarded functional equations and the dynamical systems they generate; theoretical aspects of delay equations; applications to population dynamics models. 

Mariani Andrea web.jpg
RTD (b) as indicated in (national) law No. 240/2010 (Researcher in Tenure Track Programme) (R2 Recognized Researcher) in Cinema, Photography and Television.
Main research fields: media theory and new media; media archeology; experimental cinema, documentary and modernist culture in Italy between the two world wars; history of European cinema.

Paolone Anselmo Roberto web.jpgAssociate Professor (R3 Established Researcher) of Education.
Main research fields: comparative education, ethnography of education, poetry and education, self-education in jazz.

Pascon Giulia web.jpegPhD Student (R1 First Stage Researcher) in Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnologies.
Main research fields: Nutritional value and functional properties of insect meal included in dietary formulations for aquaculture.  

Quartuccio Luca web.jpg
Associate Professor (R3 Established Researcher) of Rheumatology.
Main research fields:
systemic autoimmune diseases, with particular focus on pharmacological-economic and predatory aspects of rheumatoid arthritis response; pathogenesis; cellular anti-B classification and therapies in systemic vasculitis and Sjogren's syndrome; epidemiology of chronic inflammatory arthritis.

Tonacci Francesca web.jpgAdministrative staff of the Research Services Area of the University of Udine.