Scholarships for Attending Ph.D. Programmes

The disbursement of a scholarship may or may not be provided for the positions announced in a call for applications. The scholarship is recognized only for positions for which such a benefit is announced. The general merit ranking determines which Ph.D. students are admitted with a scholarship and which are not (if the call for applications provided for these, too), according to the criteria described in the call for applications.

The Ph.D. scholarships have an annual duration and are renewed from year to year for the legal duration of the course, provided that the Ph.D. student has been positively evaluated by the Professors’ Board for the purpose of admittance to the following year.



The annual amount of the scholarship is stated in the call for applications, to an extent not below than the one set by the Ministry Decree no. 247, dated February 23, 2022 "Increase in PhD Scholarships", equal to € 16.243,00, gross of social security charges (INPS - National Institute of Social Security) to be paid by the Ph.D. student.

Furthermore, the University of Udine guarantees the increase of the scholarship to a extent of 50% for periods of research and study carried out abroad, within the limits mentioned for each scholarship in the call for applications.


Payment Terms

The PhD scholarship is disbursed in deferred monthly installments, with the exception of the month of December (advance payment in December). The scholarship is not paid out during the suspension periods of the Ph.D. programme.



The Ph.D. scholarship cannot be combined with research grants or other types of scholarships awarded for any reason, except with those granted by national or foreign institutions meant for integrating formation and research activities by the Ph.D. students with stays abroad. Furthermore, it is not compatible with employment relationships (with public or private employers), save in case of leave or unpaid leave.

The PhD scholarship cannot be granted to students who have already benefited, even only partially, from a scholarship for the attendance to another Ph.D. programme or equivalent programme.


Further information

In case of suspension of the course (due to maternal leave, parental leave or sickness) and if they meet the requirements provided for, the scholarship holders can request INPS for the payment of the allowances provided. Scholarship holders can also request unemployment benefits from INPS. For further information, please consult the INPS website.



In order to notify a waiver to the scholarship, the interested party must fill in the following form, sign it and upload it in PDF format, on Esse3. The form must also be sent by e-mail to the Supervisor, the Coordinator of the Ph.D. programme and the Ph.D Office.


For further information, please see the Internal Regulations for Ph.D.  programmes and the current national legislation on the subject.