Certificates, Self-certifications and Parchments

Certificates and self-certifications

In application of art. 15 of Law dated November 12th, 2011 n. 183, Public Administration bodies can no longer issue certifications intended for other public bodies or private entities managing public services. For these cases it is necessary to independently submit a substitutive declaration of certification pursuant to art. 46 of Presidential Decree dated December 28th, 2000, n. 445.

Through the "Esse3" portal (Section "Students Administration Office-Certificates"), any Ph.D. student or Ph.D. doctor can download his/her self-certification as to the enrollment, award of the title, and taxes paid over the relevant calendar year. The self-certifications are available in English, too.

Therefore, the University of Udine only issues certificates in the following cases:

  • For use abroad;
  • For relationships with private bodies;
  • For the issuing/renewal of the permit of stay.


All certificates are issued on “stamp-duty” paper, save those on stamp-free paper, solely for the exempted cases under the regulations in force (to be quoted in the form for requesting the certificates).


The stamp duty must be paid virtually through the PagoPA system, by accessing your Esse3 profile in the payments section. Therefore, except in cases of exemption, the payment items for stamp duty (€ 16.00) will be activated: one for requesting certificates and one, of the same amount, for each certificate requested.

The University of Udine disclaims any liability arising from the non-compliant use of the certificate with respect to that declared by the applicant.

You can download the certificate request form here, to be filled in, signed and sent in PDF format to dottorato.rice@uniud.it



The diplomas awarded up to the spring session of the previous year are available at the Research Services Area - Research Formation Office.

*following the pandemic emergency, the office is open by appointment on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9.00 am to Midday.


For further information, please consult the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. courses and the national legislation in force on the subject.