Rights and Duties of the Ph.D. Students

The rights and duties of Ph.D. students are governed by the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. Programmes.

Attending a Ph.D. Programme involves an exclusive and full-time commitment, without prejudice to the possibility of specific regulations for the industrial doctorate and for medical specialization schools.

Activities outside the educational project may in any case be authorized by the Professors’ Board of the Ph.D. Programme, provided that they are consistent with the formation project of the Ph.D. student, not in conflict of interest with the University, and performed with methods and times suitable to allow the Ph.D. student to carry out the individual research program and regular attendance to didactic activities.

The Ph.D. student is required to fill in the form for the authorization request, before the beginning of the activity and to send it by email to the Coordinator and Supervisor.

Enrollment in a Ph.D. course is incompatible with enrollment in other Ph.D. Programmes, without prejudice to the joint management of doctoral theses, and it is incompatible with enrollment in other university programmes of Italian and foreign universities.

In any case, joint attendance with a specialization school in the medical area is allowed, in compliance with the provisions set out in the University Regulations.

Each Ph.D. student with or without a scholarship (starting from the second year, up to the 37° cycle; starting from the first year, starting from the 38° cycle) is guaranteed a budget for research activities in Italy and abroad, for an amount not less than 10% of the minimum annual amount of the scholarship. For information on the use of the budget, contact the aggregation department or the administrative headquarters department of the programme, if your supervisor is not a member of the University of Udine.

For further information, please see the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. Programmes and the current national legislation on the subject.