Final Examination

Application for final examination

The Ph.D. students submit, by the end of the Ph.D. programme (usually October 31st), the application for graduation through the Esse3 (“Career-Diploma Attainment”).

The Ph.D. student must also upload on Esse3:

  • The thesis in PDF/A format, not exceeding 60 MB, accompanied by a summary in Italian or English (“Career-Diploma Attainment”);
  • The final report in PDF/A format on the research and formation activities carried out over the three-year period. Starting from the 34th cycle, the activities carried out during the academic career must be uploaded to the Phd Notebook platform: at the end of the three-year period the application automatically generates the final report  (“Career-Diploma Attainment”).
  • Any further documentation, as per notice sent by e-mail by the Research Services Area – Research Formation Office (“Career-Career Annexes”).

* anybody not having an active notebook are required to timely contact the Research Formation Office sand to request the form for rafting the report on paper.


Thesis Refereeing

The theses are assessed by two external referees, appointed by the Professors’ Board. The Research Services Area - Research Formation Office manages and monitors the progress of the assessment procedures.

The Ph.D. student, the Supervisor and the Coordinator of the Ph.D. programme  can see the referees' assessment in Esse3, only when both referees have finalized it.

Referees can propose:

  • the admittance to the final examination (with a “positive assessment” or “minor revision” if the thesis needs minimal changes/integrations);
  • the postponement of the examination by six months at the most (with a “major revision”, if the thesis needs substantial interventions).

Having seen the referees’ assessments, the Professors’ Board decides the admittance or postponement of the examination for a period not exceeding six months. The Course Coordinator informs the Ph.D. student about the outcome of the resolution.

Theses having received a "positive assessment" automatically become "definitive" without requiring further interventions through Esse3 by the student; those with “minor revision” must be uploaded to Esse3, within 15 days starting from the receipt of the mail advising of the conclusionof the assessment. Theses with "major revision" must be reloaded in Esse3 within 6 months starting from receipt of the evaluaton and are again subjected to an assessment by the same referees.


Procedures for the Final Examination

The title of Research Doctor (Ph.D. or Dott.Ric.) is granted by the Rector following the passing of the final examination.

The final examination consists in the discussion of a thesis, before the final examination commission. At the end of the discussion the thesis is approved or rejected. In the latter case, the examination cannot be repeated.

The examination takes place in the periods set by the Academic Bodies.

The Ph.D. students are called to the final examination by the Research Services Area - Research Formation Office.

The doctoral theses are published in open access on IRIS (platform adopted by the University of Udine to manage the open archive of research products), no later than 18 months after the date of the examination.

Date of final doctoral examinations

Final doctoral examinations are not held during the following periods: January, April, 15 July - 15 September, 15 December - 31 December. In addition, final doctoral examinations will not be held on dates related to the planned closure of the University of Udine.


For further information, please consult the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. programmes and the national legislation in force on the subject.