Training periods and research off site

The Ph.D. students can carry out research and formation activities off-site, in Italy and abroad, within the limits set by the Regulations and any further provisions (e.g., calls for applications). During the periods of off-site stay, the Ph.D. students are required to relate to the supervisor and to take the required tests, according to the procedures set by the Professors’ Board.

All Ph.D. students (with and without a scholarship), starting from the second year of the course, also have a budget for research activities, equal to 10% of the annual gross amount of the scholarship. For information on the use of the budget, please contact the Aggregation Department or the administrative headquarters Department of the course,  if your supervisor is not a member of the University of Udine.

The Ph.D. students who are holders of a scholarship may request the increase of the scholarship by up to 50% for the periods spent abroad (please see the following paragraph).


Off-Site Periods Spent Abroad for Research and Formation Activities

The Ph.D. student must be authorized to spend a period abroad by the supervisor and the coordinator of the doctorate. The authorization of the Professors’ Board is also required for stays abroad that are longer overall than those specified in the relevant call for applications.

PhD students who are holders of a scholarship are entitled to an increase of the scholarship up to a maximum of 50% for a total period not exceeding that indicated in the relevant call for applications, save in case further financial resources are available. In any case, the increase in the scholarship is due only for continuous periods, not lasting less than sixty days.

What to do in order to obtain the authorization and receive any increase in the scholarship:

1. Before leaving

The following documentation must be uploaded in the Ph.D. Notebook before departure (attach a single document in PDF format):

  • Authorization form;
  • Letter of invitation by the foreign institution/university, addressed to the Ph.D. student and to the supervisor.

You are reminded that:
- the Ph.D. student must personally check with the competent health authority any requirements to extend health care or the need to activate private health insurance;
- there is an obligation to produce all the documents required before the beginning of the stay, for insurance purposes (civil liability and accidents) and to increase the scholarship.

2. When returning

Please upload in the Ph.D. Notebook the following documents:

  • Report about the activities performed, signed by the Ph.D. student;
  • A statement by the foreign hosting institution, certifying the actual stay abroad (period and activity).


International Mobility Programs

International mobility programs are periods abroad referring to a joint supervision Ph.D. theses or to participation in the Erasmus program. Programs must be entered in the Ph.D. Notebook.

PLEASE NOTE: If the mobility program coincides with an off-site period abroad for research and formation activities, it is necessary to enter the mobility period in the Ph.D. Notebook first, and then the research period, indicating for the latter “International Mobility Programs - Yes”.


For further information, please see the Internal Regulations for Ph.D.  Programs and the current national legislation on the subject.