Exclusion/Forfeiture from the Ph.D. Programme

The Professors’ Board may decide to exclude the PhD student from the course, at any time, for the reasons listed in the Internal Regulations of the Ph.D. programmes. The exclusion is ordered by Rector's Decree, notified to the interested party.

The exclusion does not entail the refund of the amounts received unless otherwise provided for in the call for specific scholarships.

The doctoral student who, despite having the right to do so, does not enroll in the following year by paying the fees or taking the final exam within the established deadline, will be declared forfeited.

The Ph.D. student who, albeit having the right to do so, does not enroll for the following year through the payment of the fees, or does not enroll to the final examination within the deadline provided for, shall be declared as having forfeited the Ph.D. programme.


For further information, please consult the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. programmes and the national legislation in force on the subject.