Waiver to the Ph.D. Programme

The Ph.D. student may file an application for the waiver to the programme at any time. 

The waiver is irrevocable and it causes the interruption of the granting of the scholarship.

The waiver does not entail the refund of the amounts received to the University, unless otherwise provided for in the call for specific scholarships.

The PhD student is required to submit the waiver to the Ph.D. programme through the online procedure available on the personal page of Esse3 under the heading: “Career-Withdrawal from Studies”.

The online waiver application requires the uploading of the following documentation in Esse3:

  • the waiver module, filled in and signed (in PDF format); 
  • a current valid identification document (in PDF format).

PLEASE NOTE: the date mentioned in the waiver form must coincide with the career closing date entered in the online procedure.

Once the online procedure is over:

  • an e-mail is sent to confirm the submission of the application (to the Ph.D. student, to the Coordinator of the Ph.D. course and to the Research Formation Office);
  • the stamp duty (€ 16.00), payable through the "PagoPA" system, is generated.

It will also be possible to print the certification of the “Withdrawal from Studies Application” if the interested party wants to keep it.

Following the waiver to the Ph.D. programme, it is compulsory to hand over the smartcard to the Research Formation Office.


For further information, please consult the Internal Regulations for Ph.D. programmes and the national legislation in force on the subject.