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    PhD Course

    Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology

PhD Students

BRAIDOTTI Riccardo (Supervisor: Dott. Paolo Sivilotti) Effect of abiotic stresses on phenotypic plasticity of grapevine varieties tolerant to fungal diseases.
BRAIDOT Matteo (Supervisor: Prof. Spanghero)
In vitro rumen aflatoxin decontamination mediated by microbes.
CARMINATI Gaia(Supervisor: Prof.ssa Marta Martini) Search for new Stolbur’ effectors and their ‘in planta’ interactions.
CASARIN Sofia (Supervisor: dott.ssa Elisa Angelini)
Genomic approaches to find out the genes that differentiate highly and scarcely susceptible grapevine varieties to Flavescence dorée.
FRANCHINI Marcello (Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Bovolenta, Co-supervisor: Prof. Stefano Filacorda)
Conflict between carnivores and livestock activities in the Triveneto mountainous areas: north-eastern Italy.
LODOVICI Arianna (Supervisors: Prof. Roberto Pinton, Prof. Nicola Tomasi) Physiological and molecular study of mechanisms involved in iron and nitrogen nutrition in crops.
SEFFIN Elisa (supervisor: Prof. Francesco Nazzi"Understanding multiple interaction among stress factor in the hive ecosystem".
YOUSAF Ayesha (Supervisor: Prof. Mickael Arnaud Melnoy) "Functional characterization of resistance gene against Apple Scab".

CIUBOTARU Ramona Mihaela (Supervisor: Dr. Urska Vrhovsek) Understanding the mechanisms of resistance to powdery and downy mildew in grapevine applying omics approaches
DE ROSA Valeria (Supervisor: Prof.ssa Giannina VizzottoDeterminants of frost resistance in fruit crops Vitis vinifera, Prunus persica and Malus domestica
MOFFA Loredana (Supervisor: Dr. Velasco Riccardo CREA-VE) New Breeding approaches to improve mildew resistance in wine grape cultivars
PIANEZZE Silvia (Supervisor: Prof.Edi Piasentier) Application of stable isotopes analysis in tracing fatty acids metabolic path in ruminants.
VUERICH Marco (Supervisors: Prof. Enrico Braidot, dott.ssa Elisa Petrussa) Physiology of stress responses in plants.
SCARSELLA Elisa (Supervisor: Prof. Bruno StefanonModulation of Microbiome in dog and adaptative response of microbiome-gut-brain axis.

BERNARDINI Chiara (Supervisor: Prof.ssa Rita Musetti) Analysis of phytoplasmas-plant interaction with the mutant lines study of Arabidopsis thaliana
BOSETTO Federico (Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Firrao) Development of synthetic methods, namely oligonucleotide aptamers, in order to stimulate the plant defense response in Arabidopsis thaliana.
CERRI Roberto (Supervisor: Prof. Emilio Tibaldi) Novel ingredients and underexploited feed resources to improve sustainability of farmed fish species: growth, quality, health and food safety issues – SUSHIN (SUstainable fiSH feeds Innovative ingredients)
DANISO Enrico (Supervisor: Prof.ssa Francesca Tulli) Detection and identification of insect compounds in fish diet.
PACORIG Valentina (Supervisor: Prof. Marco Galeotti, Co-supervisors: dot.ssa Paola Beraldo and dott.ssa Donatella Volpatti) Identification of histological and immunological indicators of larvae/juvenile quality in marine fish species.
PASQUALETTO Giulia (SupervisorDr Mickael Arnaud Malnoy; Co-supervisor: Dr Stefan Martens, Dr Susan Elizabeth Gardiner, Dr Vincent Bus, Dr Claudia Wiedow s and Dr David Chagné).  Biochemical, metabolic and molecular characterization of pear-apple hybrids: PEARAPPLE-Omics.
PIRELLO Carlotta (Supervisor: Dr. Claudio Moser; Co-supervisors: Dr. Jeroen Rouppe van der Voort, Dr. Tieme Zeilmaker, Dr. Silvia Vezzulli, Dr. Giulia Malacarne) Grapevine downy mildew resistance mediated by susceptibility genes
POSSAMAI Tyrone (Supervisor: Prof. Raffaele Testolin) Mapping of new diseases resistance qtls-genes in grapevine.
ŠKRAB Domen (Supervisor: Dr. Urška Vrhovšek - Edmund Mach Foundation) Optimization of agronomical and technological parameters of Ribolla Gialla for the production of quality sparkling wine.
SPIGARELLI Chiara (Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Bovolenta) Mountain products and ecosystem services: assessment methods and enhancements strategies.
TABARELLI Mattia (Supervisor: Dr. Mickael Malnoy) Understanding and improving resistance of Malus to Apple Proliferation Phytoplasma