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    PhD Course

    Accounting and Management

Accounting and Management

  • The general objective of the PhD programme in Accounting&Management is to train researchers able to contribute to innovation in the field of scientific research in the disciplines of accounting and management and who can carry out research activities in Italian and foreign universities, in public and private study centres, or hold qualified positions in companies and public institutions.  

    The PhD programme in Accounting&Management is characterised by the provision of highly specialised training activities in English aimed at the dissemination of knowledge, methods and methodologies for research.
    In particular, extreme attention is paid to research methods in the field of management and accounting, both quantitative and qualitative.

    The research activity will be developed on one of the following thematic areas:
    - accounting and performance measurement
    - management
    - marketing & organisation
    - finance
    - supply chain management

    The underlying logic of the training course sees a double level of content delivery: classics and trending
    topics. The "classic" lectures are intended to provide the fundamental skills relating to the specific topic; the "trending topic" lectures, on the other hand, aim to open up the focus to new lines of research,
    by delving into specific topics within the current international scientific debate.
    • AGR/01 - Economia ed estimo rurale;
    • SECS-P/07 - Economia aziendale;
    • SECS-P/08 - Economia e gestione delle imprese;
    • SECS-P/09 - Finanza aziendale;
    • SECS-P/10 - Organizzazione aziendale;
    • SECS-P/11 - Economia degli intermediari finanziari;
    • SECS-S/01 - Statistica;
    • ING-IND/35 - Ingegneria economico-gestionale.
  • The employment prospects appear extremely relevant. There is a demand for research skills both in universities, research institutes and research offices and in companies.

    Specifically, there is a demand for specialist skills:

    • in business management, to support investment and financing decisions, also with reference to innovative processes, providing methods and tools to support performance measurement and value management processes
    • in the management of financial intermediaries, in the context of professional asset management and financial consultancy, as well as in the research departments of intermediaries and regulatory and supervisory authorities;
    • in management, in particular with reference to the management of innovative organisational and management processes within companies, company networks, in the context of logistics and supply chain strategies along production chains
    • in public management and non-profit companies, which are facing epoch-making challenges from the point of view of change and the strengthening of their capacity to set up innovative strategies to provide answers to increasingly complex problems;
    • in marketing, with a view to customer centricity, providing methods and tools for data analysis to support corporate decision-making processes.

University of Udine: Department of Economics and Statistics (DIES)  - Via Tomadini, 30/A - UDINE

University of Verona: Department of Business Administration (DEA) - Via Cantarane, 24 - VERONA