Detection of pathogens in food using unique plasmonic substrates


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The research aims to develop specific sensing protocols on unique plasmon substrates for the detection of pathogens using oligonucleotides as bioreceptors in the construction of a sensitive, rapid and simple to use biosensors.

1  Nano-sculptured plasmonic substrates (transducers) will be developed for Surface Plasmonic Resonance to detect proteins, viruses and bacteria targets by the tenability of the penetration depth. Miniaturized device can be constructed. Specificity tests will be conducted using DNA from several microorganisms at several concentrations.
After protocol optimization and creation of the calibration curves the device will be used to analyze food samples (poultry meat bought from local markets).

Production of a protocol for a portable device based on SPR and ssDNA probes to respond to food industries request and to create a platform for diagnostic test applied in fields such as food, water, environment and clinical applications.

Partner 1
Prof. Ibrahim Abdulhalim 
Ben Gurion University of the Negev 
Department of Electrooptics and Photonics Engineering
Partner 2
PhotonicSys Ltd., Israel

 € 24.425,93

  • Start of activities: 1st February 2021
    End of activities: 31st January 2022