Personal Effectiveness Lab 3 - Communication

Course - Communication


The fundamentals of effective communication

Exercise: Self-presentation

Objectives: Test participants' communication skills through a 2-minute presentation.

Content: Verbal language (voice modulation, breathing, tone, rhythm, pauses) and nonverbal language (posture, gestures), personal style. Strengths and areas for improvement.


How to consciously manage the relationship with the audience

Exercise: Presentation of projects

Objectives: Application of communication tools in a professional presentation.

Content: Ability to capture and maintain attention, content enhancement, conscious management of feedback, effective interpretation of one's role.

Video footage of the exercises with personalized feedback will be provided.

October 9, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, Classroom Master 3, New Library 



Annina Pedrini of Centro Teatro Attivo. Centro Teatro Attivo is the largest private company in the field of theatrical and expressive training, which, thanks to the consolidated experience of experienced professionals, has been transferring its skills from the theatrical scene to the corporate one for more than 20 years.




Ph.D.students have to register on the PhD Notebook by September 15. Those who participate in course 3, cannot participate in course 1 and 2.


In attendance, in italian, max 7 enrolled