Scientific research and data protection

Course - Entrepreneurship


The subject of the course is a general overview of the topic of privacy (first part) together with practical information (second part). The summary is provided below.

1.- The origins: privacy / confidentiality / data protection

2.- The context: the "Digital Single Market”

3.- The regulation: the protection of personal data between GDPR and D. Legislative Decree 196/2003

4.- Personal data and medical-scientific research: a general outline

5.- The ethical rules of the Italian Data Protection Supervisor

6.- The available tools: UnityFvg platform (IRB DMIF questionnaire)

7.- Conclusions: questions/answers

We will discuss also the regulatory modifications of the last year, with particular reference to the entry into force of the UNIUD Regulation and the EU-US Data Privacy Framework agreement


Prof. Federico Costantini, Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche



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This course will be held in english.