The valorisation of research results in the life sciences

Webinar - PI


The course aims to provide the basic theoretical and practical knowledge to correctly and effectively set up and manage pathways for the exploitation of research results in the field of life sciences.


  • The protection of results with the instruments of Intellectual Property, with particular attention to patents: patentability requirements and exclusions, ownership of Inventions, biotechnological patents, valorisation of IP.
  • The development phases of technology transfer projects, clinical innovation, open innovation, validation in life sciences (human and veterinary ethics committees, regulatory, non-clinical and clinical trials, AIFA/EMA, quality, guidelines and good practices)
  • Case studies



The speaker is Dr Andrea Frosini. He holds a degree in chemistry and pharmaceutical technology and a PhD in molecular medicine. Since 2009 he has been IP manager at the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation and responsible for the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Enhancement Office (UVaR) of the Tuscany Region.



Udine, piazzale Kolbe 4

22 febbraio 2024, ore 15-18, aula C

23 febbraio 2024, ore 9-12, aula convegni



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Course for medical PhD students, researchers and technical-administrative staff at the University of Udine.