Guidance and tutoring

Guidance photoGuidance

The goals of  Centro Orientamento e Tutorato are:

  • Helping you to choose:
    • consulting, support and information to help school leavers make the right choice;
    • tutoring activities;
    • online guidance tools;
    • guidance activities targeting high schools and families.
  • Ongoing guidance during your studies: The Centro Orientamento e Tutorato provides advice on tutoring and internships. It makes available on-line guidance tools. Specific services are also dedicated to anyone wanting to review their chosen study path



The presence of tutors at the University of Udine facilitates students in their studies, acting as a valid point of reference throughout their university career.

Tutors are available for incoming students for initial guidance, for specific degree programmes and in the student residences. Internship guidance tutors are also available, as well as tutors for disabled and dyslexic students.

In addition to access to the tutoring service, enrolled students can also become tutors themselves, but applying to the calls for tutoring contracts published periodically on the official website.


Contact details

via Gemona 92, Udine:
tel +39 0432 556215
fax +39 0432 556128

or viale Ungheria 39/a, Udine:
tel +39 0432 556216
fax +39 0432 556129