Uniud Lab Village is the University's advanced research centre. The University of Udine wanted to create a space fot technological innovation, in which tha academic world and the world of industry can collaborate and share structures, tools and resources for local development.

The area, in continuous expansion, hosts technological laboratories and design and development centers of industrial companies. The established laboratories carry out research activities in a wide range of advanced scientific fields: mechatronics and robotics; artificial intelligence; machine learning; energy and environmental engineering; cybersecurity; agriculture 4.0.

The spaces of the research centre are available to students, young talents, professionals and local business. They can share knowledge and skills here, test ultra-modern tools and see the last frontier of tecnology in action. Uniud Lab Village is going to become a regional point of reference responsible to grow up university, companies, students and community.

Via Sondrio, Udine

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