Multiphase Flow Lab

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  • Ingegneria idraulica, geotecnica delle infrastrutture viarie e della sicurezza

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Multiphase dispersed flows are common in a wide spectrum of engineering applications and environmental processes: examples include fluid transport in pipelines, filtration systems, pulp and paper making, drug delivery devices, pollutant dispersion. The Multiphase Flow Lab focuses on multiscale characterization of multiphase flows in close connection with industrial partners, public institutions and international research networks. Primary objectives of the Lab are to combine state-of-the-art numerical and experimental research tools to improve physical understanding of heat, mass and momentum transfer phenomena and to use fundamental knowledge for developing phenomenological predictive models.

Settori ERC

  • PE3_16 Physics of biological systems
  • PE8_4 Computational engineering
  • PE8_5 Fluid mechanics