Turbomachinery Laboratory

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  • Energia e sistemi meccanici

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Turbomachinery are rotating machinery that are currently used to extract or add energy to fluids and, as such, they are widely used in many civil, industrial or military applications. Indeed turbomachinery can vary from a classic old Western windmill to a compressor that move the natural gas through the pipe lines that cross continents and seas, and to the space crafts engines turbopumps. The University of Udine Turbomachinery Laboratory is currently active in both fundamental and applied research related to turbomachinery, with particular attention devoted to gas-turbine engines and hydro turbines. We currently operate multiple experimental facilities, including rotating turbine rigs, with the aim to advance turbomachinery technology using engine-relevant experiments in parallel with numerical computation. Beside fundamental research projects, the research group collaborates with many Italian or international companies, providing a noteworthy support to the analysis and understanding of applied research problems of industrial interest.

Linee di ricerca

  • Aero-thermodynamics of gas turbines components
  • Cooling of gas turbine blades
  • Experimental analysis of complex flows

Settori ERC

  • PE2_14 Lasers, ultra-short lasers and lasers physics
  • PE8_5 Fluid mechanics
  • PE8_6 Energy processes engineering


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