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Antennas Manufacture (the English translation of "Progettazione di antenne")

Antennas Manufacture (traduzione in inglese del programma di Progettazione di antenne - integrato con Microonde) - cdl magistrale in Ingegneria Elettronica


prof. Michele MIDRIO






The course aims at providing advanced concept for the design and comprehension of working principle of linear antennas, planar antennas and volume antennas. Theoretical work will be completed by use of numerical codes for high-frequency antennas, as well as by measurement of antennas that students will manufacture in our laboratory.

Acquired skills

- Comprehension of terms and parameters in use for the study of antennas.
- Design and optimization of thin linear antennas, Yagi antennas, and log-periodic antennas.
- Use of software for the design of bulk and printed antennas.
- Design, manufacturing and characterization of Yagi and log-periodic antennas, either bulk and printed.

Lectures and exercises (topics and specific content)

Linear antennas: current in a linera antenna; input impedance; coupling among linear antennas; mutual impedance (8 hours).
Yagi and log-periodic antennas: currents in Yagi and log-periodic antennas; rules for the design (6 hours).
Printed antennas: current in a metallic-dielectric structure; rules of design of printed antennas via numerical simulations (6 hours).
Labs (40 hours).


- Notes from lectures

Type of exam

Oral, Lab test

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