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Electromagnetic compatibility regulation and safety of electronic systems (the English translation of "Compatibilità, normativa e sicurezza degli apparati elettronici")

Electromagnetic compatibility regulation and safety of electronic systems (traduzione in inglese del programma di Compatibilità, normativa e sicurezza degli apparati elettronici) - cdl magistrale in Ingegneria Elettronica


prof. aggr. Ruben SPECOGNA






The course covers the main theoretical and practical aspects of Electromagnetic Compatibility, dealing also with EMC standard requirements.

Acquired skills

- Standard requirements for EMC and electrical safety.
- Simple Theoretical models for time domain and frequency domain EMC analyses.
- Basic principles of the design of electronic systems which satisfy EMC standard requirements and perform reliably in the presence of interference sources.

Lectures and exercises (topics and specific content)

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility: introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (2 hours).
EMC Standard Requirements and electrical safety: European Commission Directives, standard requirements for commercial products; electrical safety (8 hours).
Non ideal behavior of Passive components: conductors, resistors, inductors, capacitors, ferrite beads  (2 hours).
Radiated emissions: simple emission models for conductors and PCB lands; Common Mode (CM) and Differential mode (DM) currents; EMC standard requirements (4 hours).
Radiated Susceptibility:  the response of a transmission line excited by a non uniform e.m. field, Susceptibility measurements, EMC standard requirements (8 hours).
Conducted Emissions: measurements of conducted emissions, LISN, CM and DM currents; conducted emissions sources; Power Supply Filters, basic properties of filters (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject), effect of the filter elements on CM and DM currents; EMC standard requirements (6 hours).
Conducted Susceptibility: susceptibility measurements, EMC standard requirements (2 hours).
Crosstalk: Lumped parameters models, inductive and capacitive couplings, common-impedance coupling; transmission lines (basic principles) (14 hours).
Shielding effectiveness of metallic sheets: shielding effectiveness, far-field sources, near-field sources, low frequency, magnetic field shielding (2 hours).
Electrostatic Discharges (ESD): origin and effects of the ESD event (2 hours).
Electromagnetic field sources (high/low frequency) and safety of electronic systems: basic principles; safety of electronic systems (4 hours).
Exercises (6 hours).
Labs (15 hours).


- Clayton R. Paul, Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility, J. Wiley & Sons
- Henry W. Ott, Noise reduction techniques in electronic systems, J. Wiley & Sons

Type of exam

Written and oral

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