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    Scienze biomediche e biotecnologiche
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    Corso di Dottorato di Ricerca

    Scienze biomediche e biotecnologiche


CORTOLEZZIS Ylenia (Prof. XODO e Dr. Di Giorgio) Identification of epigenetic regulators of DNA/RNA G4 folding during oncogenesis.
EQUISOAIN Redin (Dr. Vascotto)
FAVARETTO Thomas (Prof. Grassi) Peripheral biomarkers of impairment of oxidative metabolism during exercise in aging, inactivity, pathological conditions (including Covid-19 infection).
FRONZA Filippo (Prof. Schneider) Green Molecular Diagnostics Lab.
MALAVASI Eleonora (Prof. Brancolini e Dr.ssa Teresa Gagliano) Development of novel anti-neoplastic approaches to reduce the impact of mutagenic-carcinogenic chemotherapeutics in the environment.
MARINO Marco (Prof. Terrosu) Exosomes in ulcerative colitis patients: implications for disease progression and the therapeutic perspective.
MCHALE Joshua James (Dr. Vascotto) Live confocal microscopy approaches for evaluation of oligonucleotide delivery.
POLACCHINI Giulia (Prof.ssa Colitti) L’utilizzo della nutraceutica e lo sviluppo di alimenti funzionali.
RICCI Carolina (Prof. Pucillo) Relationship between microenvironment and immune system: context-dependent characteristics of B lymphocytes
STEFENATTI Linda (Dr.ssa Spessotto e Dr. Baldassarre) Non-mutational mechanism of Platinum resistance in ovarian cancer. 
TREVISAN Caterina (Prof. Pucillo e Prof.ssa Frossi) 3D models of tissue organ culture to study the role of probiotics and postbiotic in Inflammatory Gut Disorders.
URSELLA Caterina (Prof. Grassi) Cycling for Health and Enviroment: un piano per favorire la mobilità sostenibile e migliorare la salute a Udine.
ZERBO Giulia (Dr.ssa Maestro) Definition of molecular determinants in microGIST to GIST progression.

COLUCCINO Gabriele (Prof.ssa Corazza) Structural studies of the interaction between cyclophilin D (CyPD) and the OSCP subunit of the mitochondrial FOF1 ATP synthase and its role in the modulation of the permeability transition pore.
DALL'AGNESE Giuseppe (Prof Tell e Prof.ssa Antoniali) The role of APE1 in cancer resistance: APE1 Condensates in DNA Damage Repair and miRNA processing.
D'ALLEVA MATTIA (Prof. Lazzer)Endurance training and obesity.
DE BENEDICTIS Ilaria (Dr.ssa Maestro) Molecular characterization of sarcoma malignant behavior.
DEGRASSI Monica (Prof. Tell) Role of APE1 and its interactome in the regulation of genotoxicant-related miRNAs involved in chemoresistance. 
GIOVANNINI Ivan (Prof. De Vita e Prof. Zabotti) Ecografia salivare e biopsia delle ghiandole salivari, ecoguidata e tradizionale, nella sindrome di Sjogren: informazioni ed ulteriori sviluppi dallo studio multicentrico europeo HarmonicSS.
TEDESCO Giulia (Dr.ssa Maestro) A shRNA genetic screen to identify novel mediators of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in cancer.
TOLOTTO Vanessa (Prof. Brancolini) Investigation of epigenetic mechanisms that supervise HR-mediated DSBs repair.
VESCOVO Maddalena (Dr.ssa Spessotto)The impact of EMILIN-1 in lymphatic dysfunction, microenvironment alterations and Gastric Cancer progression.

  • ALAM Sardar (Prof.ssa Spessotto)SGK2 and EMT: A new axis in Epithelial ovarian cancer?
    ALI Uzair (Prof.ssa Colitti) Transcriptional networks in adipogenic and thermogenic programming.
    BALDASSARRE Giovanni (Prof. Grassi) Functional biomarkers of impairment to oxidative metabolism in simulated microgravity (bed rest).
    GANI Mariachiara (Prof. Rapozzi) Role of ROS/RNS induced by cancer drugs in the resistance and recurrence of pancreatic cancer.
    GISSI Clarissa (Prof. Grassi e Prof.ssa Comelli) Neuromuscular ageing: Mechanisms and functional implications (NeuAge).
    GUERRIERI Roberto (Dr.ssa Maestro e Prof.ssa Fratta) Epigenetic biomarkers of clinical significance in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
    HIMANSHI Himanshi (Prof. Xodo) Modulation of gene expression in ras-mutant cancers by small-molecule ligands targeting critical DNA or RNA G-rich regions.
    MARINONI Michela (Prof. Barbone) Innovative tools for the study environmental risk factors in pediatric age.
    MARTINIS Eleonora (Prof. Pucillo) Studying the crosstalk between B cells e CRC using murine AOM/DSS colon organoids as models of tumor.
    MINISINI Martina (Prof. Brancolini) Class IIa HDACs as therapeutic targets in human diseases: new roles and new selective inhibitors.
    PAVAN Eleonora (Prof. Brancolini e Prof. Dardis) Generation and characterization of GBA knockout cell lines using editing technologies to explore the possible role of miRNAs as biomarkers of bone involvement in Gaucher Disease.
    RANZINO Liliana (Prof. Brancolini) The epigenetic network under class IIa HDACs supervision.
    VALENTI Beatrice (Prof. Maestro) Molecular Dissection of Retroperitoneal Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma.