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    Corso di Dottorato di Ricerca

    Accounting and Management


ATTANASIO Giovanna (Supervisor: Prof. Cinzia Battistella)
Stakeholder attraction, engagement, and retention in sustainable business models
BALDI Benedetta (Supervisor Prof. Barbara Gaudenzi, Co-Supervisor Prof. Ivan Russo)
The concept of resilience ini Supply Chain Management
BEARZI Michela (Supervisor Prof. Francesca Visintin, Co-Supervisor Prof. Daniel Pittino)
Open innovation and new organizational structures: changing business models and new leadership challenges
PERICOLO Elisabetta (Supervisor Prof. Andrea Garlatti)
Elderly care services: between co-production, digitalization, and multilevel arrangements
PIUBELLO ORSINI Luca (Supervisor Prof. Chiara Leardini, Co-Supervisor Prof. Gianluca Veronesi University of Bristol)
The efficienty and quality of hospitals during the Pandemic: which features of the board impact on performance?
RIZZOTTI Alessandro (Supervisor Prof. Ivan Russo, Supervisor per Teddy Group Dott. Federico Francia)
Exploring new challenges  for adopting logistics and distribution strategy into a global supply chain in the impatient cutomer era
VALCOZZENA Silvia (Supervisor Prof. Silvia Cantele, Co-Supervisor Prof. Carlo Terrin Fondazione Studi Universitari Vicenza)
Implementing corporate sustainability: from strategic planning to business model evolution and performance measurement tools
ZENNARO Giulia (Supervisor Prof. Filippo Zanin)

BONETTI Lisa (Supervisor prof. Riccardo Stacchezzini, Co-Supervisor prof. Alessandro Lai)
Management’s discretion in the Stakeholder Engagement process: implications for corporate reporting.
DARWICH EL-HENNAVI Marua (Supervisor prof. Andrea Garlatti)
Common trends, different houses? Financial management and performance management in MENA countries’ public sector organizations.
DE PINTO Sabina (Supervisor prof. Roberta Capitello, Co-Supervisor prof. Riccardo Scarpa)
Contemporary consumer contradictions in food choice: modelling antecedents, consequences and strategical implications for food producers and food policy makers.
ELAM Latansa Izzata Dien (Supervisor prof. Roberta Capitello, Co-Supervisor prof. Alex Sclip)
Modeling of decision support indicators integrating human capital and entrepreneurial characteristics in a territorial analysis perspective: The pilot case of the wine supply chain.
LIAQAT Idrees (Supervisor prof. Josanco Floreani)
In attesa di ricezione.
MECCHIA Federico (Supervisor prof. Laura Chiaramonte, Co-Supervisor prof. Alex Sclip)
Low-risk higher returns: explaining beta anomaly through a behavioural finance approach.
SACCO SONADOR Camilla (Supervisor prof. Eugenio Comuzzi, Co-Supervisor prof. Filippo Zanin)
SGUIZZARDI Chiara (Supervisor prof. Ivan Russo, Co-Supervisor prof. Ilenia Confente)
Supply chain strategy and optimization, circular economy and cost-effectiveness: which interfaces?
TOMASETIG Martina (Supervisor prof. Maria Chiarvesio)
The relationship between Green Innovation and Internationalization.