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EU PARTERSHIP PRIMA - CALL FOR PROPOSAL 2023 - Deadline 22/03/2023


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22/03/2023 Scaduto

Section 1: - Thematic Area: Water management - Topic: Integrated adaptive wastewater management plans in the Mediterranean region (IA); - Thematic Area: Farming systems - Topic: Actions to restore and return degraded lands in the Mediterranean region into 0productive agroecosystems (IA); - Thematic Area: Agri-food value chain - Topic: Increasing agri-food supply chain (cereal) resilience in the MENA region (RIA); - Nexus Theme: Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems - Topic: Accelerate adaptation and mitigation to climate change in the Mediterranean region by deploying WEFE nexus solutions (IA);

Deadline 22/03/2023

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PRIMA Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area The overall objective of the PRIMA programme is to build research and innovation capacities to develop knowledge and common innovative solutions to make agri-food systems and water provision in the Mediterranean area, more sustainable and resilient to climate change. Through its programme, PRIMA will contribute to solving water scarcity, food security, nutrition, health, well-being and migration problems contributing significantly to the achievement of the United Nation Agenda 2030's Goals in the Mediterranean area. The scale of the research and innovation necessary to address the challenges in the Mediterranean area is immense due to the systemic character of the major bottlenecks. To reach these ambitious goals, an appropriate mobilisation and provision of financial resources, new technological and organisational framework and enhanced capacity development are needed. The PRIMA programme, though a collaborative, cross-boundary approach among the PRIMA Participating States focuses on common problems, aligning national programmes and increasing the required scale and scope by pooling financial and intellectual resources.