Against gender violence: a red bench for every Uniud headquarter


On September 6 th 2021 the University of Udine inaugurated, through the installation in its headquarters in Udine, Gemona del Friuli, Gorizia and Pordenone, the cultural campaign to raise awareness against gender violence which sees in 23 red benches its own flag.


The initiative - already carried out by the non-profit organization “Panchina Rossa” of which Tina Magenta, spokesperson for the organized Women's General State Network, is the patron - was presented by the Rector Roberto Pinton and the President Massimo Di Silverio with Valeria Fili', President of the Equal Opportunities Committee for equal opportunities, enhancement of the well-being of those who work and against discrimination (CUG) of the University.


The initiative, promoted by the CUG, as the Rector himself pointed out, decided to use the symbol now recognized and widespread in many italian and foreign cities to visually represent with this red color, evocative of spilled blood, the void left by women whose life ended too soon at the hands of men, often husbands, partners, boyfriends.



The benches serve not to forget and as a constant reminder that we must act and say: "NO TO VIOLENCE".

Femicides, violence against women and LGBTQI + people, intolerance and discrimination for reasons related to gender, are the result of stereotypes, prejudices, ignorance and fear, and for this reason the University of Udine, always at the forefront in defending rights, respect and inclusion of diversity, has decided to raise awareness among citizens and in particular among younger generations.

The purchase of the benches saw the collaboration of many people from our University and is part of the "Uniud Inclusiva" initiatives.

This project is just the beginning of a journey for a society you can be proud of and in which you can feel included.