Guidelines for the "Alias Identity" and the "Alias Career" at the University of Udine


The following Guidelines has been adopted by the Board of Directors in the session of 07.29.2022, after the approval of the Academic Senate, on 07.26.2022, and of the Student Council, on 07.25.2022. They are based on the constitutional principles and laws in force, as well as the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the University of Udine, for the activation and usage of the "alias identity" and the "alias career". The purpose is to create a serene and inclusive study, work and collaboration environment, without discrimination, attentive to the protection of privacy, the dignity, freedoms and fundamental rights.

Object and purpose

1.1 The Guidelines are aimed to protect all those people who, for one of the reasons referred to in article 2, ask to activate the "alias identity", i.e. to use, within the University, a different name than the registry one.

1.2 The «alias identity» involves the creation of the «alias career».

1.3 The « alias career» consists in duplicating the university or working career of the applicant, adding to the profile associated with the applicant's registry name a further profile, associated with the «alias identity», which is provisional and cannot be consolidated in the University databases.

1.4 The "alias identity" and the "alias career" are inseparably associated with the university or work career, managed together with these ones, and remain active for the entire duration of the university or work career, except in the cases of deactivation referred to in the following paragraph.

1.5 The «alias identity» and «alias career» are deactivated in the following cases:

a) in the event of an express request from the person who owns them,

b) in case of violation of point 6 below,

c) in the event of final judgment of the rectification of gender attribution pursuant to the law of April 14th, 1982 n. 164.

Recipients and referents

2.1 The activation of the «alias identity» and the connected «alias career» may be requested by the members of one of the components of the university community referred to in art. 3, paragraph 2 of the Statute of the University of Udine, in the event that:-for one's psychophysical well-being and in the expression of one's self-determination, the person intends the recognition with a name and gender different from the registry ones;- witnesses or collaborators of justice who benefit from a measure of protection offered by the public security authorities.

2.2 For each category of members of the university community (students, professors and technical-administrative staff) the Chancellor identifies a University spokesperson with the task of informing and supporting people in activating and managing the "alias identity" and the related "alias career".

Request to activate alias identity and alias career

3.1 The information relating to the procedure for activating the «alias identity» and the connected «alias career» are published on the University website, together with the contact details of the spokespersons referred to in point 2.2.

3.2 The person involved requests the activation of the "alias identity" from the responsible spokesperson in accordance with point 2.2.

3.3 The spokesperson promptly organizes an interview aimed at ascertaining that the will of the requesting person is free and informed.

3.4 Before the activation of the «alias identity» and the connected «alias career», the applicant shall sign a confidentiality agreement with the University (see annex 1).

3.5 The spokesperson shall, in addition to providing all the necessary information,  guide the person in signing the Confidentiality Agreement and in the subsequent administrative tasks, remaining a point of reference for the entire period of validity of the «alias identity» and «alias career».

3.6 With the activation of the «alias identity» and «alias career», the person is provided with a new e-mail account:  students are given a new university identification document with the elective identity data.

3.7 For further protection of the person's confidentiality, the university identification relating to the « alias career» does not contain any indication suitable for revealing the different registry identities. For witnesses and collaborators of justice, the alternative identity becomes effective in agreement with the public security authority.

Issue of certifications

4.1 All the attestations or certifications that shall be used outside the University, in compliance with current rules on "alias identity", are exclusively based on the registry data.

4.2 The interested person may issue self-certification on personal status and qualities related to the university career, according to Presidential Decree n. 445/2000, exclusively using his/her registry data.

4.3 The person who has obtained the "alias identity" has the right to change all the records of his/her career carried out at the University of Udine, following the judgment on rectification of registry data, becoming final according to the law of April 14th, 1982 no. 164 or other measures of change of identity provided by current legislation.

4.4 If the person who obtained the «alias identity» is awarded the degree without the sentence referred to in the law of April 14th, 1982, n. 164 or if another change of identity envisaged by current legislation has occurred, all career records, including the issue of the final qualification, will refer to the registry identity and not to the "alias identity". Concerning the mere proclamation of the achievement of a degree or other final qualification (e.g. Master, Postgraduate degree), the competent Commission, to protect the confidentiality of the person and avoid any form of discrimination, uses the "alias identity" unless the person involved asks to use registry data.

Obligations of the requesting person

5.1 The person who requested or has obtained the release of the "alias identity" undertakes to inform the University of any circumstance that may affect the contents and validity of the Confidentiality Agreement, in particular any variation of his/her registry identity by the competent authorities.

5.2 The person with the "alias identity" undertakes to check in advance with the spokesperson of his/her category which deeds of the alias identity shall carry out and which ones require the registry identity.

Violation of guidelines and confidentiality agreement

6.1 If there are founded reasons for the violation by the person with the «alias identity» and the «alias career» of one or more provisions of these Guidelines or the Confidentiality Agreement, the Chancellor and General Manager will suspend the use of the “alias identity” and the "alias career " as a precautionary measure, after previously having listened to the interested party and his/her spokesperson in full compliance with the principle of the adversarial process. While waiting to agree on the final decision, the University will use the registry data of the person involved. As soon as the provision of precautionary suspension has been adopted, the Chancellor or General Manager initiates the procedure of an overall verification of the facts, in compliance with the right of defence, to accord the final provision of revocation of the precautionary suspension or elimination of the «alias identity” and the “alias career”.

6.2 In the most serious cases, if the violation of one or more provisions of the Guidelines or the Confidentiality Agreement is ascertained, the "alias identity" and the "alias career" will be eliminated, subject to the transmission of the news to the bodies of the competent University to ascertain any disciplinary responsibility or for the violation of the University's Code of Ethics and Conduct.

6.3 For witnesses and collaborators of justice the previous paragraphs are not applicable, and the violations found will be notified to the competent judicial and public security authorities.

Validity of the Confidentiality Agreement

7.1 The Confidentiality Agreement takes effect from the date of signing.

7.2 The effectiveness of the Agreement ceases when the conditions that determined it no longer exist or from the date of the Chancellor's provision referred to in the previous article.

Confidentiality obligations

8.1 The University of Udine will process the data indicated in the Confidentiality Agreement in compliance with the legislation on data protection.

8.2 The University personnel involved in the procedure relating to the activation and management of the «alias identity» and «alias career» and those who become aware of the «alias identity» and «alias career» due to the performance of their didactic, scientific or technical-administrative duties are bounded to the confidentiality of the information acquired. Duty violation of secrecy may result in disciplinary liability and violation of the University's code of Ethics and Conduct, without prejudice to any further liability under applicable laws.


Privacy agreement

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With D.R. N. 779/2022 of 8.8.2022 three University contact persons have been appointed with the task of informing and supporting people in the activation and management of the "alias identity" and the connected "alias career":

-Prof. Andrea Cafarelli is appointed as the University contact person for undergraduate and PhD students: 

-Prof. Valeria Filì is appointed as the University contact person, for teaching staff and employed and contracted researchers: 

-Dr. Alessandra Catena is appointed as the University contact person for technical, administrative and contract staff: