Well-being monitoring at the workplace

To foster health and safe in the workplace, the Decree no. 81/2008 provides a wide risk assessment, also including the psychosocial issues, both in the direct form (as work-related stress, risk of burn-out and vulnerability to mobbing) and in the indirect one (stressful consequences connected to those risks).

The 3rd well-being monitoring was carried out in collaboration with other academic services (“Servizi Integrati di Prevenzione e Protezione” and “Servizio sviluppo e controllo direzionale di Ateneo”) and was focused on staff belonging to administrative offices.

Summary of the results:

- years 2019/2020

- year 2018

- year 2017

- year 2016

- year 2015

year 2014

FAQ on the 2018 survey on Organizational Well-Being.

The questions of the questionnaires in pdf format (examples for consulting the contents of the questionnaires):

Any further information on the survey, on the contents of the questionnaire and on the summary elaborations can be requested by writing to the Planning and Management Control Area at the following address: apic@uniud.it

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