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    Bachelor degree course

    Legal Services
Access admission unrestricted
Class L-14 Legal services
Credits 180
Duration 3 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements High School Diploma or other equivalent

Legal Services

The Course trains you to work in the fields of public organizations and in the private sector, particularly enterprises, businesses, banks and insurance Companies as well as in non-profit charity organizations (NGOs). The Course prepares you in the field of public or private law, and will give you a specific preparation by personalizing your studies, choosing from the optional courses. The Course includes basic and core subjects that give a good legal preparation.
The didactic program also includes the specialized study of English (Legal English), computer technology and the principles of professional ethics. Finally, you will be required to do internships (in public and private institutions, enterprises, professional offices etc.) so that you can apply in practice what you have learned in theory.
You should expect to spend 80% of the total course time in private study.

The course prepares graduates for the following professions:
- legal operator in Public Administration;
- legal operator in businesses, banks, insurance companies;
- legal operator in foundations and non-profit charity organizations (ONLUS).