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    Bachelor degree course

    Performing Arts (DAMS)
Access admission unrestricted
Class L-3 Viasual arts, music performing and fashion studies
Credits 180
Duration 3 years
Location Gorizia
Legal requirements High School Diploma or other equivalent

Performing Arts (DAMS)

The Course will prepare you for a career in arts, performance, cinema and music. You will study the conservation, digitalization, restoration, production and post-production of audio-visual material. Additional courses include language (usually English) and IT. Starting from the second year there is also laboratory work and work placements. The Course is divided into two curricula, Cinematography and Musicology.
After graduating, you will be able to work in the arts and cultural sector, in public and private institutions (film archives, radio and television stations, motion picture production companies, theaters, press offices or editorial offices of newspapers or radio and television programs).

Graduates of the degree course in Performing Arts can work in the arts and cultural sector (public and private), in any of the different stages of the artistic-production process, from the conception of the product to its creation and/or promotion. The professional profile of graduates of this course offer specialized and multiple employment opportunities in public and private institutions that are involved in the conservation, projecting, production, promotion and communication of audio-visual material (film archives, radio and television stations, motion picture production companies, multimedia production companies, home-video production, etc.); in festivals (printed media and online, etc.); in libraries, in cataloging centers and public and private archives; in theaters (providing guides to music and theater exhibitions); in press offices, in editorial offices of journals or radio and television programs; in museum institutions for setting up and staging exhibitions and cultural events; in production and post-production studios in the record industry and in new media. Performing Arts graduates can also expect to find employment in education, once they have completed the teacher training process and passed the examinations established by existing regulations.