• Courses and services offered at the University of Udine
    Courses and services offered at the University of Udine
Access admission unrestricted
Class LM-89 Art history
Credits 120
Duration 2 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent

History of Art

You will study the various fields of figurative arts and architecture, from the Islamic world to Latin America, and also legislation concerning the protection of cultural heritage. You will attend workshops (such as the workshop on restoration of furniture and works of art, and the computer workshop on historical and artistic documentation) and internships in, for example, museums, cultural associations and institutions.
You will find work in the public sector (cultural heritage boards, museums, local administrations and similar bodies, schools and higher education institutions) and the private sector (cultural associations and institutions, publishing). You can also work as a curator, or as a consultant art expert for exhibitions.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the Magister degree course in Art History and Heritage Preservation allow graduates to operate, in high level positions and with important responsibilities, in the fields of research, protection, advancement and management of the  historical, artistic and architectural heritage, where they will contribute to cultural and scientific development, and to the protection, promotion and dissemination of the artistic and architectural heritage, for the purposes of tourism and for the cultural and economic development of the territory.

Graduates will be able to:
- access intellectual, scientific and highly specialized professions, such as curator and officer within museum institutions and related bodies, heritage boards at the state, regional, provincial and town level, cultural foundations;
- find employment within private cooperatives and companies that work in the fields of restoration, publishing, advertising, media and multimedia communication with a focus on artistic and architectural issues;
- give consultancy and collaboration as art experts for the conception and creation of shows and exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, research and study services in the field of antiques and art;
- access, through the appropriate examinations, the professional category of tourist guides;
- access the various specialization schools in history of art that provide training for managerial positions in the Government’s department of cultural affairs;
- access further education such as Master degrees and research doctorates.
Graduates can also expect to find employment in teaching, having completed the training process required and passed the relevant exams established by the regulations in force.