• di4a

    Master degree course

    Agricultural Science and Technology
Access admission unrestricted
Class LM-69 Agriculture
Credits 120
Duration 2 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent

Agricultural Science and Technology

The Course gives you high-level knowledge to enable you to manage, maintain and develop the primary production of agricultural systems (foods, fibers, energy, and building materials). The approach is interdisciplinary, based on biological, environmental, agronomic, legal-economic and engineering skills. Graduates will find employment in a broad range of fields directly relating to agriculture, both in the private and public sector, for example managing the production and organization of farms, teaching and training staff, marketing and distributing agricultural products, and planning agricultural products for agro-industries.

Graduates in Agricultural Science and Technology can work in a broad range of fields directly pertaining or related to agriculture, both in the private and public sector. The competences acquired enable graduates to:
-manage the production and organization of farms;
- spread knowledge, teach and train staff;
- market and distribute agricultural products;
- work as technicians capable of contributing to the sustainable transformation of agricultural products;
- plan agricultural products for agro-industries;
- provide consulting and communication services to private and public firms working in the field of agricultural production and /or development;
- work for certifying organizations (DOP, organic farming etc.) - work as independent agronomists.
The Course prepares students to be:
- agronomists and related professions
- market specialists
- researchers and technicians with a degree in agricultural sciences and animal production