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    Master degree course

    Food Science and Technology
Access admission unrestricted
Class LM-70 Food sciences
Credits 120
Duration 2 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent

Food Science and Technology

The main aim of the Course is to prepare graduates for employment in the entire production chain, from the production, preservation and distribution of foodstuffs and beverages to their consumption. You will guarantee the quality and safety of the food, using innovative methods.
There are 2 curricula: Food Science and Technology, which gives you the advanced skills needed to manage activities pertaining to the planning, production and preservation of foodstuffs; and Food Quality Management and Control, which prepares you to plan and develop  analytical protocols for food purity, quality and safety.

Magister Graduates in Food Science and Technology can have specialized jobs in the field of health sciences, life sciences and related areas. They can also find work in firms, laboratories and other productive industries and boards which require the following functions:
- the planning and development of new products;
- the planning and development of new processes;
- the managing of production plants and of process control and regulation systems;
- the development of HACCP and risk assessment plans;
- the development and/or planning of procedures for product and process quality warranty and certification;
- the development of methods and procedures for the chemical, biochemical, physical and microbiological characterization of foods;
- the development of non-conventional and innovative analytical methods for the control and management of food safety and quality requirements;
- the managing of control laboratories, even in connection with harmonization and the free movement of goods.