• biotecnologie

    Master degree course

    Molecular biotechnology
Access admission unrestricted
Class LM-9 Pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical biotechnologies LM-7 Agrarian biotechnologies
Credits 120
Duration 2 years
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent

Molecular biotechnology

At the end of the training course, the master degree in Molecular Biotechnologywill have acquired a broad knowledge and understanding of concepts in the specific scientific field
The Subjects are designed to provide complementary and innovative content than those dealt with in undergraduate University's Biotechnology. The learning objectives of the course are reduced in three main areas: i) functional genomics and bioinformatics area; ii) area of molecular targets; iii) area of nutrition and wellness, to which is added a complementary area in the economic-legal and scientific update industry.

The master's course in Molecular Biotechnology, interclass LM7 and LM9, was a response to the request of biological knowledge and expertise, molecular, cellular and computer that can be spent on a wide range of applications than ever in an area which forms part of the total life sciences.