• dpia

    Master degree course

Access local admission
Class LM-4 Architecture and Architectural engineering
Credits 120
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent


The Master degree course in Architecture aims to create the intellectual and professional figure of the European Architect (as required by Directive 36/2005/EU). An expert who knows how to look to the future and relate to the legacy of the past, who is able to develop a hight quality architectural project starting from a deep knowledge of all the complex, cultural, environmental, technical and procedural issues, which are the bases of the modern design activities.


The Course teaches you to use your knowledge to analyze, interpret and solve complex design problems of architecture, building and town planning, to design and control the modifications of the physical environment, and to coordinate other specialists in the field of architecture, building engineering, town planning and architectural renewal.
The Course consists of theoretical lessons, practical lessons and laboratories (obligatory certified attendance). The method used is the “learning by doing” method.
The main job opportunities, apart from freelance work, include positions of responsibility in public and private institutions, in professional firms and design Companies, working in the fields of architecture, town planning, constructions, maintenance and preservation of buildings.

Anticipated professional and occupational opportunities for graduates (Class Decree, article 3,  para. 7)
M.A. graduates, once having passed the national examination, are qualified for the role of free lance architect and able to assume posts of high responsibility in governmental and private agencies (public and private institutions, professional studios and design firms) which operate in the fields of construction and urban and rural transformation and reclamation.