• Courses and services offered at the University of Udine
    Courses and services offered at the University of Udine
Access admission unrestricted
Class LM-29 Electronic engineering
Credits 120
Location Udine
Legal requirements three-year university degree or diploma or equivalent

Electronic engineering

Intelligence inside things
The master degree course trains professionals with solid methodological, design and practical skills in electronic and information engineering. They specialize by choosing courses in Computer Science and Networks, IoT and Industry 4.0, Mechatronics and Robotics, Electronic Systems and Information Technology, Technologies for Artificial Intelligence. An international double-degree program is also offered in collaboration with the Alpen-Adria University in Klagenfurt. Primary educational goals are creativity and a propensity for innovation and scientific research.


The Course is divided into four sectors:
- subjects relating to “Micro-electronic systems” providing specific competences on the technologies of high-speed and high-density circuits, high-performance microprocessors, nano-electronic and opto-electronic devices, sensor networks and electronic systems;
- subjects relating to “Telecommunication systems” providing competences in the field of planning, development and management of telecommunication systems, with regard to components and circuitry, and also signal processing methods;
- subjects relating to “Industrial Automation and Robotics” providing a solid basis in dynamic systems control, with particular reference to robotics. Industrial electronics will also be studied in detail, for the field of robotics and industrial automation;
- subjects relating to “IT and Networks” providing specific competences on the architectures of processing systems, methods for designing hardware and software, operating systems, management and development of databases and detailed aspects of IT security.
You will find employment in the electronics and IT industries, and also in those industries that use electronics to manage their plants or apparatuses. You will work in the fields of micro-electronics, digital electronics and telecommunications.

Industrial activity is flourishing in the Udine area. It consists mainly of small to medium enterprises, although there are some bigger industries, such as Electrolux in Pordenone, Infineon in Villach, just over the border in Austria, and Danieli in Buttrio. Some of these industries work specifically with electronics (production of goods for domestic and industrial use and for telecommunications), or they use electronics in the factories and to control the products (domestic appliances, naval yards, industrial plants).

The evolution of industrial goods shows a growing requirement for processing and calculation skills, and the ability to communicate using local networks that are increasingly integrated with the Internet.

In this context the electrical engineer has an important role, and must have competences ranging from micro-electronics, industrial automation, closely integrated with industrial electronics, to telecommunications, management and development of telecommunication networks, particularly with regard to hardware and security.

Finally, although the analysis of the regional and nearby industries is an important starting point for Planning the courses, the training activities will also be developed with the perspective of facilitating mobility for graduates, giving them competences of a more general type, which they can use in industries on a European level.