Doctor Europaeus

The Doctor Europaeus certification is an additional label to the PhD degree that is issued at the national level. It is not an academic qualification with international value or a qualification issued by international institutions. This certification must comply with the conditions of the Confederation of Rectors' Conferences of the European Union countries, implemented by the European University Association (EUA).

The "Doctor Europaeus" certification can be issued if the following four requirements are met:

  1. the Ph.D. student must have spent within the third year of attending the Ph.D. course at least three continuous months of certified research, aimed at preparing the thesis, at a university or research institution in a European country;
  2. the final thesis must be evaluated by at least two professors (referees) belonging to foreign university institutions of two European countries;
  3. the final examination Commission must include at least one member from a foreign university of a European country;
  4. part of the discussion of the thesis must take place in a European language other than Italian.

PhD students interested in achieving the Doctor Europaeus additional certification must make an express request by the end of the second year (Download the form). The application must be uploaded Esse3 (Section “Career-Career Annexes”).

The issuing of the "Doctor Europaeus" certification by the University of Udine is in any case subject to the positive opinion of the Professors’ Board and the passing of the final doctoral examination.