Ph.D. Courses under Joint Supervision

The joint supervision of theses is one of the privileged tools to favor and enhance the international dimension of Ph.D. studies. In fact, the joint supervision of a thesis allows the Ph.D. students to carry out part of their research at a foreign university and to obtain, at the end of the cycle of studies, a double degree as a research doctor, recognized in two countries.


Currently, the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) has signed framework agreements for the promotion of joint supervision of theses with:

The University of Udine has joined in the above-mentioned framework agreements, within which it is possible to sign individual joint supervision agreements for each interested Ph.D. student.

The University of Udine may enter into joint supervision agreements with universities in different countries, with the approval of the Academic Bodies of the University.

Procedure for Entering a Thesis Joint Supervision Agreement

The Ph.D. student who plans to carry out a period of study and research at a foreign university, with a view to drafting a jointly supervised thesis, must:

  1. identify a professor interested in acting as joint supervisor for the research thesis project at the foreign university where the student intends to go, in collaboration with the Italian supervisor. If required by the regulations in force at the foreign university, the Ph.D. student will have to prepare a research project to be presented together with the draft of the joint supervision agreement;
  2. identify at the foreign University the Ph.D. course to be enrolled in, after entering the joint supervision agreement (the Ph.D. student must in fact also enroll at the University that will be a partner in the joint supervision, even though the student won’t have to pay taxes at both locations at the same time);
  3. complete the text of the joint supervision agreement with the necessary information (a model agreement can be requested from the Research Services Area - Research Formation Office) which will be modified, if necessary, in agreement with the foreign party. The agreement, in its final version, must be signed by the legal representatives of both institutions. The Research Formation Office will be responsible for obtaining the signature from the Rector of the University of Udine.
  4. Entering the joint supervision is, in any case, subject to the approval by the Professors’ Board of the course.

Funding for Jointly Supervised Theses with French Universities

The Italo-French University promotes the university and scientific collaboration between Italy and France. Through the Vinci call for applications, it supports the mobility of Italian and French Ph.D. students.

Further information on the program and the full text of the call are available on the Italian-French University website.