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    PhD Course

    Food Science

Food Science

The PhD programme in 'Food Science' responds to society's need for the training of researchers with a high scientific profile, who pursue excellence in food science in order to generate far-reaching benefits. 
The course programme therefore aims to prepare leaders in terms of innovation potential, capable of bringing new knowledge to the area of food science and technology, to address issues associated with food design and the production, storage, processing, safety, and consumption of food, with the ultimate aim of improving its quality with positive impacts on the health and well-being of consumers, the environment, and the harmonious development of society.

The objectives of the PhD programme in "Food Science", by synergistically integrating disciplines and methodologies that cut across food sciences, aim to improve safety, quality and nutritional aspects of food, to develop analytical methods and to deepen the knowledge of the food-microbiome-human relationship, contributing to the availability of healthy, sustainable and affordable food for the human population.

The training objectives are achieved by carrying out individual and interdisciplinary research programmes consistent with the topics of the PhD programme. At the end of the training the candidate should have acquired a scientific approach and specific methodologies to engage in research. These objectives are generally expressed as knowledge, technical skills and transversal skills.

With regard to knowledge, PhD candidates are required to make an original contribution in terms of research in the area of food science through an interdisciplinary approach.

  • AGR/15 - Scienze e tecnologie alimentari 
  • AGR/16 - Microbiologia agraria
  • BIO/10 - Biochimica
  • CHIM/01 - Chimica analitica
  • CHIM/03 - Chimica generale ed inorganica
  • CHIM/06 - Chimica organica
  • CHIM/10 - Chimica degli alimenti
  • MED/49 - Scienze tecniche dietetiche applicate

The professional figure that the PhD programme in 'Food Science' aims to train has in-depth interdisciplinary professional skills that will enable him/her to work in research and/or development in both academic and industrial settings, in food production and related fields, and in various contexts such as government agencies and international non-governmental organisations. 

The training of doctoral students includes a solid research curriculum in well-equipped laboratories, under the constant guidance of a supervisor, a period abroad and the communication of the results achieved. Over the three years, students acquire a range of skills, increasing their autonomy and the possibility of entering both the research and business worlds. The members of the current Doctoral College have a well-established network of relationships and collaborations with research organisations and companies, both national and international.

In recent years, several companies and universities have funded grants in the area of food-related topics, including: Electrolux Professional (Pordenone), Innovhub (Milan), Vason (Verona), Multi-enterprise, Wageningen University and Research (NL), Unigrà (Ravenna), reconfirming the importance of this doctoral path.

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