Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan - PNRR

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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is Italy's response to the global Covid-19 emergency and the obstacles that have blocked the growth of the country's economic, social and environmental systems in recent decades. The PNRR is part of the European recovery mechanism named Next Generation EU, a program of unprecedented scope and ambition, which allocates very large resources equal to 750 billion euros. The PNRR, which was approved by the European Council on 13 July 2021, contains 16 Components grouped into 6 Missions:

  • Mission 1: Digitization, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism;
  • Mission 2: Green revolution and ecological transition;
  • Mission 3: Infrastructures for sustainable mobility;
  • Mission 4: Education and research;
  • Mission 5: Inclusion and cohesion;
  • Mission 6: Healthcare.

Further information can be found on the website Italia Domani


Mission 4 Education and research

Mission 4 aims to strengthen the conditions for the development of an economy with a high intensity of knowledge, competitiveness and resilience, starting from the recognition of the criticalities of our education, training and research system.

The Mission is divided into two components:

  • M4C1: Strengthening the provision of education services: from crèches to universities;
  • M4C2: From research to business.

Within M4C2, 5 National Centers, 11 Innovation Ecosystems, 30 Research Infrastructures and 25 Technological Infrastructures of Innovation have been funded.

Further information can be found on the website Italia Domani Mission 4


PNRR projects in which UNIUD takes part are

iNEST is the ecosystem for innovation of the Italian northeastern region, namely a web of interconnections between research bodies, both public and private, whose aim is to develop a “nest of synergies” amid the multiple vocations of the territory, through the implementation of digital and ecological transition technologies.
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The National Research Center for Agricultural Technologies conducts research and promotes the development of innovative technologies in the agricultural sector to improve the quantity and quality of production, ensuring sustainable adaptation to climate change also through prevention, resistance and resilience.
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The National Biodiversity Future Center carries out research and promotes the development of solutions to monitor, preserve and restore functional biodiversity, in order to counteract the anthropogenic impact, the effects of climate change and to support ecosystem services. 
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The University of Udine was the Recipient of ministerial co-funding from resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for 79 scholarships designed to support innovative doctorates that meet the innovation needs of enterprises.

Call DM 117 - Call for expressions of interest for the presentation of research projects within the framework of innovative doctorates that meet the innovation needs of enterprises in compliance with | Call + Annex