Workshop on preparation of HE project proposals

Course - Research

The introductory slides present a case study, with the following parts:

  • First steps – if you want to coordinate
  • Topic of the call and scope
  • Case study – H2OforAll
  1. Observe technical & financial constrains
  2. Outcomes – cover as much as possible

Work will be done in groups of 5, the result will be presented to the class.


Training Objectives

  • To provide an overview of the European context
  • To provide the basis for the development of a European project concept



  • Presentation of available funding programmes, thematic priorities and funding opportunities for projects
  • Presentation of European project guidelines



Luisa Duraes, Università di Coimbra



Lara Manzocco




PhD students must register by entering the course in Notebook BY MAY 13TH - max. 20.

We ask those who are unable to attend to cancel their registration by NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MAY 20.

In presence, in English.

Location: Sala Vite e Vino, Basket, Via Sondrio 2/a