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Concept of recognition according to the purpose

With the ratification of the Lisbon Convention, as determined by Law n. 148 of 11 July, 2002, the concept of recognition according to the purpose was introduced in Italy.

For what purpose is the recognition of foreign qualification requested in Italy?

The answer to this question will immediately indicate the most adequate procedure and the authority responsible for its performance: without this preliminary indication, both the authority and the holder of the foreign qualification risk not gaining any useful result for their aims. For more information regarding the procedures of recognition according to the purpose please read the following website: click here

What is the meaning of the term Nostrification?

The term Nostrification of a foreign qualification refers to the evaluation of first and/or second cycle final university degrees in order to award a corresponding Italian first and/or second cycle final degree, the objective being to grant the applicant an Italian degree, i.e. a degree that has legal validity in Italy. 

Assessing foreign qualifications for this purpose may result in the following outcomes: 

a) the granting of a corresponding Italian qualification without requiring that the applicant take any further exams or present final theses/dissertations (direct recognition); this procedure is known as “direct recognition” or “direct nostrification” (these cases are very rare); 

b) the requirement to take further exams / obtain further credits and/or present a final thesis in order to fill any gaps in the curriculum of the foreign qualification so that the corresponding Italian qualification may be awarded; this procedure is known as “course abbreviation”. 

PLEASE NOTE: The University of Udine can only recognise the academic qualifications, which the University of Udine itself offers and awards. You can find the list of the academic offer of the University of Udine on the following website: click here.

How to apply for the Nostrification of a foreign qualification?

In order to obtain a corresponding Italian academic qualification from the University of Udine, applicants should submit the specific request form on the following web page and attach all the required attachments.

Deadlines for the submission of the application 

Applications for nostrification procedures may only be submitted during the period between April - September of each year.

PLEASE NOTE: The applications for nostrification procedures for the academic year 2024/2025 are open starting from the 2.00 p.m. of the 1st of April 2024 (excluding degrees of the Medical field). Please check the deadlines regarding degree courses of the Medical Field on the following website: click here.

Language requirement

In order to obtain an Italian university final academic qualification, applicants should be in possession of an Italian language proficiency certificate of at least B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This linguistic requirement applies to non-Italian citizens. 


The payment of the indemnity of € 316.00 must be made with the PagoPA procedure at the same time as the application is submitted. 

The initiation of the procedure for the nostrification does not allow any reimbursement of the paid indemnity. A committee, which is competent in the matter can evaluate positively or negatively what is requested. The payed indemnity is independent on the evaluation result. 

If the application for the nostrification is accepted, it is necessary to pay an additional indemnity of € 330.00 necessary for the completion of the procedure for obtaining the Italian qualification.

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