Tuition fees

Tuition fees

The cost of a student for UNIUD is estimated at € 7.358,00 per year in order to sustain a part of the cost of services dedicated to students (classes, laboratories, general services).

The payment of tuition fees, that include the regional tax for the right to study, allows a student to attend lectures, exercises, laboratories, to book exams and receive certificates. These rights are being suspended if relative fees are not payed.

The annual university tuition fees are divided into 3 installments, which include:

• all-inclusive annual contribution (up to a maximum of € 1,800.00 for those who are not entitled to any type of reduction. The amount rises to € 1,900.00 for those who are out of course from the second year onwards or, due to recognition of previous careers (university qualifications), are not entitled to any kind of reduction);

• regional tax for the right to university study, which is transferred by the University in full to the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Studies (ARDISS). The regional tax has a variable amount (€ 120.00; € 140.00 or € 160.00), determined according to the valid ISEE for the subsidized services for the right to university study. For those who are not entitled to reductions or have not applied for a fee reduction resulting in the ISEE declaration, the regional tax amounts to € 160.00;

• stamp duty (€ 16.00).

Tuition fees will be calculated based on the 2019 ISEE value with special subsidies, in relation to the right to higher education.

With an ISEE value up to € 23,000, first year students and students that meet merit requirements are totally exempted from paying tuition fees.

Above this threshold, the tuition fee increases in proportion with special subsidies for the lowest incomes.

If a student enrolls in years following the first, in order to obtain the total exemption or to pay tuition fees proportioned to your ISEE, he/she must also meet the following merit requirements:

If a student is enrolled in the second year: a student must obtain at least 10 ECTS between 10/08/2018 and 10/08/2019;

If a student is enrolled in years following the second, within the first year not aligned with the exam schedule: a student must obtain at least 25 ECTS between 10/08/2018 and 10/08/2019.

ISEE presentation

Students need the 2019 ISEE certification applied for the right to higher education and they must fill in the request on  untill 7 October 2019 at 13.00 pm

How to pay

University fees will be paid through the new pagoPA system, which guarantees secure and trustworthy electronic payments to public administrations. All public administrations must adhere to this initiative, which is promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

In order to pay, you will have to log in to the "payment" section of your Personal Area where you can find the payment invoice. Then, you may choose whether to:

Pay online: to do so, click on "pay online with pagoPA" and choose between:Credit card;Bank account.

Pay in person at a banking institution or agents' terminals SISAL: click on "Notice of bank payment in person" (Avviso pagamento presso sportello bancario) and print off the payment notice that you will then use to pay at one of banking or agents' terminals SISAL Institutions that adhere the PagoPA system [IT].

Tutorial PagoPA

Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email confirmation- On the day following the payment, please log in to the “payment” section of your Personal Area to print off the payment receipt.

No other payment method is allowed.

Payments are not considered valid (in relation to enrolment in degree programs or exams) until they are visible on personal ESSE3 profile. In urgent situations, you can send the payment receipt to



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