Application: how to apply

How to apply as an Exchange Student

After your Home university has nominated you, UNIUD will send you an e-mail with detailed instructions and an application form.

Before filling in the forms, please read the instructions below:

  • make it clear for what study field you have been nominated (Field of the bilateral agreement)
  • plan what courses you wish to take (considering the field indicated in the agreement)
  • visit the websites of courses and make the plan for your studies
  • fullfill the Application form and sign it
  • fill in the Learning agreement and collect the signature of your Home university co-ordinator (Departmental coordinator)

Choose the Learning Agreement according to the type of mobility:

Bilateral Agreements: Learning Agreement

Erasmus+ Study: Learning Agreement

Erasmus+ Traineeship: Learning Agreement

Training Agreement: Learning Agreement

Submit the Application form and enclosures in .pdf, by e-mail, at the latest by the deadline:

  • signed Application form
  • Learning Agreement signed and stamped by the Home university co-ordinator (Departmental Coordinator)
  • front/back copy of your valid identity card or full copy of your valid passport
  • front/back copy of your valid EHIC card or private health insurance

We will not accept handwritten documents