• BALDASSARRE Giovanni (Prof. Grassi) Functional biomarkers of impairment to oxidative metabolism in simulated microgravity (bed rest).
    GANI Mariachiara (Prof.ssa Rapozzi) Role of ROS/RNS induced by cancer drugs in the resistance and recurrence of pancreatic cancer.
    GISSI Clarissa (Prof. Grassi e Dr.ssa Comelli) Neuromuscular ageing: Mechanisms and functional implications (NeuAge).
    GUERRIERI Roberto (Dr.ssa Maestro e Prof.ssa Fratta) Epigenetic biomarkers of clinical significance in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
    CHOUDHARY Himanshi (Prof. Xodo) Modulation of gene expression in ras-mutant cancers by small-molecule ligands targeting critical DNA or RNA G-rich regions.
    MARINONI Michela (Prof. Barbone) Innovative tools for the study environmental risk factors in pediatric age.
    MARTINIS Eleonora (Prof. Pucillo) Studying the crosstalk between B cells e CRC using murine AOM/DSS colon organoids as models of tumor.
    MINISINI Martina (Prof. Brancolini) Class IIa HDACs as therapeutic targets in human diseases: new roles and new selective inhibitors.
    PAVAN Eleonora (Prof. Brancolini e Dr.ssa Dardis) Generation and characterization of GBA knockout cell lines using editing technologies to explore the possible role of miRNAs as biomarkers of bone involvement in Gaucher Disease.
    RANZINO Liliana (Prof. Brancolini) The epigenetic network under class IIa HDACs supervision.
  • SARDAR Alam (Dr.ssa Spessotto) SGK2 and EMT: A new axis in Epithelial ovarian cancer?
  • UZAIR Ali  (Prof.ssa Colitti) Transcriptional networks in adipogenic and thermogenic programming.
  • VALENTI Beatrice (Dr.ssa Maestro) Molecular Dissection of Retroperitoneal Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma.

CONTE Kristel "Analysis of base excision repair proteins in A549 lung cancer cell line upon induction of cancer cell senescence by genotoxicants treatments" (Prof. G. Tell)
DEL SAVIO Elisa"Molecular insights into epithelioid sarcoma" (Dr.ssa Maestro)
FAGGIANI Massimo "Bioinformatics analyses ti elucidate the class IIa HDACs-MEF2 oncogenic potential in colorectal cancer and leiomyosarcoma" (Prof. Brancolini e Dr. Dalla)
FAVERO Andrea "Role of the extracellular matrix protein EMILIN1 in mammary gland development and in Δ16HER2-DRIVEN tumorigenesis" (Dr.ssa Spessotto)
FIORI Federica “Innovative tools implementation to update food composition databases" (Prof.ssa Parpinel) 
GONNELLI Federica "Long and short-term effects of targeted Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on the lower limb muscle function in healthy adults and elderlies" (Prof. Lazzer)
IULIANO Luca "Alternative targets in anticancer therapy: the emerging role of proteotoxic stress" (Prof. Brancolini)
MEZZALIRA Silvia “Sex-specific DPYD pharmacogenomic markers of the fluoropyrimidines treatment safety and efficacy in colorectal cancer patients.” (Dr.ssa Cecchin)
PILOTTO Andrea "Mitochondrial Memory at Skeletal Muscle Level" (Prof. Grassi e Prof. Porcelli) 

CINQUE Giorgio “Role of post-translational modification in KRAS expression: interplay between PARP1, Reactive Oxygen Species and G-quadruplex DNA” (Prof. Xodo)
DAL SECCO Chiara “Il ruolo della plasticità e della memoria del mastocita in salute e malattia: un modello 3D per studiare l'interazione tra organoidi intestinali e mastociti” (Prof. Pucillo)
DALLA FRATTE Chiara “Circulating Tumor DNA Monitoring and Pharmacogenetics Patients’ Profiling: Pharmacological Implications in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer and Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor” (Prof.ssa Cecchin)
DEL TORTO Alessio “Effects of small versus large muscle mass exercise training on maximal and sub-maximal exercise parameters in solid organ transplanted recipients” (Prof. Lazzer)
HUNASHAL Yamanappa “Biophysics of protein conformational dynamics by NMR spectroscopy” (Prof. Esposito)
POLETTO Evelina “Multimerin-2 maintains vascular homeostasis and controls cancer cells dissemination” (Prof.ssa Spessotto)
RAJENDRAN Anitha “Glutaraldehyde based in-vivo snap-crossilinking amenable to biocondensate separation for compositional identity based analysis” (Prof. Schneider)
ZUCCARELLI Lucrezia “New approaches of functional evaluation of oxidative metabolism during exercise, with special reference to the effects of inactivity – microgravity (BED REST)” (Prof. Grassi)

AYYILDIZ Dilaria “Bioinformatics approaches to investigate interactomics data in DNA damage responses and alternative splicing events as new players in Huntington’s Disease” (Prof. Tell)
BOIX LEMONCHE Gerard “Mechanistic and functional studies of free and anchored antimicrobial peptides for biomaterial applications” (Prof.ssa Mavelli)
CONCINA Federica “Oxidative stress and fatty acids profile in infants: influence of genetic factors and dietary pattern” (Prof. Barbone)
ECCA Fabrizio “Pharmacogenetics of fluoropyrimidines: from the implementation of guidelines to identification of novel germline variants related to toxicity” (Prof.ssa Spessotto)
LORENZON Ilaria “Chemoresistance in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: in vitro selection and characterization of platinum resistant cells” (Prof.ssa Spessotto)
MAGNESA Benedetta “Skeletal muscle mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation plasticity in two studies on humans: exercise training effect in obese subjects and bed rest effect in healthy subjects” (Prof. Grassi)
MANGIAPANE Giovanna “Unveiling the extracellular APE1 role in hepatocellular carcinoma tumor biology” (Prof. Tell)
MONDELLO Alessia “miRNA:mRNA interplay in the malignant evolution of miniGIST to overt GIST” (Dr.ssa Maestro)
MONTANARI Tommaso “Endocrine and nutritional factors promoting WAT to BAT conversion” (Prof.ssa Colitti)
PALUVAI Harikrishnareddy “Role of HDAC4 in the process of oncogenesis in human cells” (Prof. Brancolini)
VACCARI Filippo “Exercise Limiting factors and the effect of HIIT on fat oxidation in obese people” (Prof. Lazzer)